When should I check my MOT?

Instantly check your MOT status, expiry dates and more. Simply enter your vehicle registration number into the MOT Checker and click on the “CHECK REG” button.

How the MOT Checker works

Enter your car registration number and click “CHECK REG” now. You don’t have to register upfront – there is no need to email or give any personal information. We will show you the MOT due date and confirm that it is correct.

What are the checks I should make before taking my MOT?

Every year, 1.5 million cars fail to pass the MOT test. Many of these failures could be avoided if you did some basic visual inspections on your vehicle before the test. These checks are simple and will save you both time and money.

This is an economical way to have your car checked and ready for the MOT. Many motorists can book both a Car Service and an MOT at the same time. All service checks and repairs can be performed on the vehicle, and then the MOT is done. This is a great way of saving money on your car’s expenses. Combining services (MOT/services) can often be more affordable than booking them individually.

Check your vehicle before the MOT Test.

These checks are for motorists, not mechanics. These checks should be simple to follow. If you have any questions about items or their location on your vehicle, it is best to consult the manual. On the first page of the manual, you will find a drawing of your vehicle with the associated numbers. This will allow you to understand the purpose of each area. This will make it easier to do pre-MOT checks.

Get to know your car

Before you start these checks, make sure you haven’t just driven your car and that it has had ample time to cool off completely.

Fuel and engine oil

Both must have adequate levels. Both petrol and oil must be sufficient to pass the emission test. The dipstick is located under the bonnet of the car in the engine area. Make sure the vehicle is level. Take the dipstick ring/handle (which is often a bright-coloured one) off the vehicle and wipe it clean with kitchen roll. Next, check the oil level. If the oil level is below the mark, you should add some oil to it. You should not add too much. Use only a small amount at a time. Only use the correct type of engine oil. Make sure to check the manual for specific oil recommendations.

Headlights, brake lights, and indicators

It is possible to have someone else walk around your car and turn on the lights. Next, check your indicators to confirm which ones are functioning. Also, make sure you check your hazard lights or warning lights. These lights are located on the dashboard or near your steering wheel. These bulbs are difficult to replace and should be repaired by a professional. As you check your headlights, have someone stand beside you as you press the brake pedal. This will enable you to check that all brake lights are working, including high-level light strips. Reverse your car and place it on a reflective surface like a garage door or window to check the reflection.

Wheels and tyres

The legal limit for tread depth is 1.6mm. However, it should not exceed 3mm. When your tread depth reaches this point, it is recommended to renew your tyres. Replace the tire if the tread depth falls below 1.6mm. You can check the tread depth with a 20p piece. The tread can be checked by inserting the 20p piece into the groove in the tire. You will need to replace your tire if the outer rim is visible. It is crucial to check the condition of your tyres. Sidewalls must not be damaged or destroyed. You should also inspect the spare tire.


After washing your car, inspect the windscreen for chips or damage. A fail on your MOT test will be given if there is damage greater than 10mm area of the windscreen is also a fail.

If you discover a chip in your windshield, contact your car insurance company. If you use the recommended supplier, many policies will cover windshield repairs at no extra cost. While you wait, you can fill in small chips at an expert windscreen shop.

Windscreen wipers

An MOT test will fail if there are tears in wiper rubber. It is time to replace your wipers if they make a lot or are smudgy when you use them. A new blade for your wipers can make a big difference to your driving experience, especially in the UK.

Wipe your screen

An empty screen washer bottle, even though it may seem like the most basic of checks can lead to an MOT failure. You should keep it topped up with water. Keep a full-sized water bottle in the boot of your car. You can refill it anywhere you go. Add a screen washer additive to your vehicle. It is great for removing oil and dirt from roads that are wet and prevents freezing during cold seasons. Once you’ve filled the washer with water, make sure it turns on.

Seats and seat belts

Another simple test is this: Simply take each seat belt and place it in its lock to ensure the belt locks securely. Check the material of your belt for any tears or damage. You can then pull it and check that it is still strong enough to hold you. Next, check that your driver’s seat can be moved forward and backward easily.


The horn can be used to give it a quick blast. You can call a repairer if it does not work. It’s easy to find a garage that can repair the problem.

Number of plates to be registered

You should also clean your car to ensure your number plate is visible from far away. If you don’t have time to clean your car, you can wipe it down with a damp cloth. Both plates must meet legal requirements to pass the MOT test.


Before you bring your car to the MOT Test Centre, it’s worth checking your vehicle. You will feel more confident and can save money. A Full Service and MOT are better options if you need someone to inspect your car. makes it easy to book your MOT and car service together. The garage charges only when the service is completed.