What is checked on a MOT?

MOT must be passed by all vehicles. Although the MOT test is crucial to ensure vehicle safety and functionality, many vehicles fail it at their first attempt. This is to let you know that many vehicles do not comply with the MOT requirements. To ensure safety and effective care for your vehicle and family members, you must not only take it for an MOT but also know what parts are checked during an MOT. These are the parts you should inspect when taking your vehicle to an MOT inspection.

During an MOT test, vehicle areas and parts are checked

The MOT inspection covers virtually every part of the vehicle, with the exception of its engine. These parts are checked to make sure that the vehicle can be driven and functions properly. The interior, exterior, as well as the underside are all tested during an MOT. Everything is tested in the interior, including the seatbelts, wipers, washers, brakes and warning lights. The exterior includes registration plates, doors and lights, tires and wheels and mirrors. Underside inspections include testing the exhaust system, steering, suspension, exhaust emissions and the fuel system.

These parts are tested to ensure that the vehicle is safe and can function properly. An MOT checks the most important parts of the vehicle to ensure safety. It is essential that the car has functioning lights, brakes and good seats.

It is important to know what an MOT checks for in order to ensure safety and correct emissions. These are two important factors that ensure vehicles meet safety and emission standards for everyone. Make sure you have information about the status of your car’s MOT when you purchase it. Log in to to check your MOT status. After you have entered basic information about your vehicle, you will need to pay a small fee to access the MOT information.