Was my car in an accident?

You should check the history of accidents and damage to your car in the UK. We can help you find the best UK car for your budget.

What is an accident or damage history?

Hidden damage is a major concern when purchasing a used vehicle. Most used cars can’t be identified if they have been in an accident or otherwise damaged. A thorough inspection in person would not reveal all. A mechanic who is impartial and available to help you with your car problems is also not always possible.

Selling a used car is the same. A potential buyer will first ask if the vehicle has ever been damaged, and if so what you did to repair it. A Check Reg vehicle history report is a great resource.

What can I learn from my accident history?

The Check Reg report’s accident history provides a summary about any incidents or damage that has been reported to a vehicle. This includes damage from collisions and extreme weather conditions. Anything that could impact the safety or integrity of the vehicle.

The vehicle history report includes details about vehicle accidents and damage records. This allows you to make informed decisions, whether you are a buyer or seller.

The report will inform you of any data that is available.

  • The number of incidents
  • They were born on the dates indicated
  • The point at which impact occurs
  • The repair cost

We are constantly updating our database. Sometimes, damages may appear on your report that were not there before. We strongly recommend that you check your report for any updates as soon as it is valid.

What is a damage history report necessary?

You can benefit from detailed, accurate third-party information about the accident history of your car. Avoid potential liability and fraudulent claims. Hidden events that the seller might not have disclosed, or even be aware of. You can negotiate a fair price.

It’s great if there is no accident or damage records. This car could be your perfect vehicle. It could still be reliable, even if it has had some damage or been in an accident. As long as it is properly repaired. And you might even get a better deal.

Ask for a Check Reg Report if you are buying a used vehicle, whether it is from a private seller, or a dealer. The vehicle history will confirm that the information in the sales conversation was accurate. It is important to pay attention to any refusals by the seller.

Avoid letting accident reports discourage you from buying a used car. You should not be discouraged from buying a used car if it has a history of accidents. Ask the seller for details and any documentation regarding repairs. Find out if the seller offers warranty protection. You can use this information depending on the extent of the damage and the work done to get a great deal.

We recommend the following golden trio to protect you when purchasing used cars:

  • Take the car out for a test drive
  • Get a Check Reg vehicle history record
  • Take the report with you to a licensed mechanic to have it inspected