Terms & Conditions

This document, which may also be referred to as “Terms of Service”, “Terms”, “User Agreement” or “Agreement” throughout, is a legally binding agreement between individuals, businesses, and organizations (Users) and Eastwood Media B.V., which is located at 24 Zinkstraat, 4823AD, Breda, the Netherlands, which may also be referred to as “Checkmot”, “Company” the “Website” or “Web-site” hereafter.

This website ( and any information provided on it, is provided by 3rd parties, by placing an order or viewing this website, you agree to the terms and conditions of this document.

The terms and conditions of this document may change from time to time, it’s down to you (the user) to keep up-to date with them.

By placing an order for a paid report (standard or deluxe check) via this website, you must first agree to the terms and conditions of this document, you fully understand that:

Eastwood Media B.V. is an affiliate and none of the paid reports are generated, created or hosted on this website, as we are an affiliate of, once you make an order, your report will be generated on the website, you fully understand this, even if the paid report appears through our website through an iframe or view-through-window, you fully acknowledge that this website doesn’t create, generate or host any vehicle history reports what-so-ever. You understand that we simply allow you to view reports created by our partner

You understand that once a report is purchased, your report will be shown via a view through window or iframe inside this website, this means the report will appear within a frame on this website. Whilst you can view the report via our website, you fully understand that the generated report is not a part of this website, but instead a report created on and that we are displaying it to you via an iframe or view through window.

You fully understand that in order to view your paid report, you will need to accept the terms and conditions of the website after the purchase is completed. You will be presented with the terms and conditions upon viewing your report for the first time, failure to accept the terms will mean you are unable to view your purchased report. You accept and you fully understand this before making an order/purchase through this website.

You fully understand that if you do not agree to the terms and conditions of, you will be unable to view your report and any data guarantee’s they or any of their partners offer will be void.

You have read and fully understand our partners terms and conditions (which can be viewed at: ).

If you wish to make any form of a claim relating to any guarantee’s offered, you fully understand that you must do so via the website/company and not us.

If you do not agree with the terms and conditions then do not place an order, view a report or use the free check facility and leave this website immediately.

We ask that users of the site and, by extension, the API not engage in the following practices:

  • Place an excessive amount of API Calls to the Check Reg system, or in any other way overburden the system, as determined by Check Reg at its sole discretion.
  • Attempt to modify, reverse engineer, or otherwise tamper with the public and internal systems, databases, and services provided by Check Reg.
  • Share or misuse any form of credentials to the platform, including username/password and API Key combinations.
  • Attempt to use the services provided by Check Reg to engage in any activity that could violate any applicable law or governmental regulation.
  • We are unable to offer any form of refund or credit on purchased Vehicle Information Reports.
  • We do not offer any guarantee on the data we provide either through free lookups or paid reports.

In addition, we wish to make it clear that though we do all we can to ensure the integrity, reliability, and accuracy of our data we cannot provide any form of guarantee or warranty. Furthermore, we are not able to guarantee that we are able to provide information on ALL vehicles regardless of subscription status.

Terms in this document explained:

  • “We” or “us” means this website (
  • “You”, ““Your” or “The user” means you.
  • “Partner” or “Partners” means
  • Iframe and view through window means – An iframe or view through window allows you to view an external website via this website, for example, we could display a page from the website inside one of the pages of this website using an iframe or view through window. This would then display the external websites page within our website.

Terms and conditions date: 4th December 2021