Instant Car Check

Vehicle History Report

The Blue Book that came with your vehicle will give you crucial information to determine the cost to purchase it. How do you determine the condition of a used car? Because the seller has more information about the vehicle’s history, they are likely to be able to negotiate a better price. You can learn more about the vehicle’s past and negotiate a fair price by doing an instant auto check.

Identify hidden damage

You could have been in an accident with the vehicle you are looking to buy. It is possible that repairs have been made, which can make it difficult to find. Expert automotive professionals may not be able to find every problem in a vehicle. They can however perform a thorough inspection that is crucial to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind. The instant auto check history report will tell you if there was an accident. Some reports will also indicate whether airbags were deployed. This will give you information about the extent of the damage and the location.

Title Cleansing

It is important to know that each state has its own rules regarding reporting and licensing salvaged or rebuilt vehicles. Some unscrupulous dealers may sell the vehicle to you with a salvage title. This is done to take advantage of the favorable state registration laws. It is cleaned after the new title is issued without branding. Without performing an instant vehicle check, you will not be capable of distinguishing between vehicles with clean histories and salvaged cars.

Verifying mileage

The history report also includes the estimated vehicle mileage. You can check if the instant vehicle check mileage matches the odometer. If you see a large discrepancy, it is likely that the odometer is not working properly.

Service history

You can expect a vehicle to last a long time if it is well maintained. Service centers will likely report all maintenance visits, such as fluid changes, brakes repairs, and oil changes. These notes can be used to help potential buyers determine the type of maintenance the vehicle has received throughout its life. A poorly maintained vehicle can lead to costly repairs in the future. For car buyers, history reports are a useful tool to help them make informed decisions. To ensure a safe purchase of a roadworthy vehicle, it is a smart move to perform an instant auto check.