How to check when a MOT is due?

MOT must be completed for all vehicles that are on the road. Failing to have your MOT checked can result in fines and even compromises in the health of those who drive the vehicle. MOT includes a thorough inspection of the exterior, interior and underparts to make sure that the vehicle meets the MOT standards. MOT also ensures that emissions standards are met. Every vehicle older than three years is subject to an MOT. You need to know how to determine when your MOT is due. This will ensure that the vehicle functions properly and doesn’t pose a danger to its occupants. MOT also ensures that your vehicle meets all emission standards. You need to know when MOT is due for your vehicle, whether you are buying it or maintaining it.

Information about the MOT

MOT testing is performed by registered and qualified MOT experts, who are trained in checking the vehicle’s MOT standards. To make it easy for the testing specialist, you must have your vehicle thoroughly cleaned before you bring it in for an MOT test. If your vehicle is not clean enough, the testing expert will refuse to allow you to take it for testing. After your vehicle passes testing, it will undergo professional inspection to ensure safety for the occupants and the environment.

MOT testing can be done on almost all parts of your vehicle, with the exception of your engine. The vehicle is checked to make sure it meets certain requirements. If the vehicle fails to pass the test, the station will keep a record and the owner of that car will be given a list with the parts that must be replaced or repaired.

After three years, your vehicle will need to pass its MOT test. This can change depending on how the vehicle is used and the type of vehicle. After the first MOT test you will need to have an MOT check every 12-13months. Logging in to will help you check if your MOT status is due before you purchase a used vehicle. After registering, you will need to enter your vehicle number. Once the basic information has been displayed, you will need to pay a small fee to access the complete MOT information for your vehicle. This is the best way to find out when your vehicle’s MOT is due.