Frequently Asked Questions

Checkmot provides details on any UK-registered vehicle's make, model and color, as well as the engine size. These data are available:

  • Basic Model Information (make; model)
  • MOT Records (including results and details)
  • Vehicle Identification Number

You will likely need to conduct additional research if you are buying a used vehicle.

There is always the possibility of being taken advantage of when you buy a used car. Our deluxe check can ensure that your next vehicle is not a time bomb waiting to explode and costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. Our checks cover everything, from scrapped vehicles (aka stolen) to ensuring it was not purchased on finance prior to someone else's.

  • Clocked
  • Stolen, Scrapped or Written Off (all pretty bad).
  • Finance

Checkmot allows you to check the tax status of any vehicle as well as its MOT status.

Enter the vehicle registration number and we'll display all details of the MOT history.

An MOT check will allow you to inspect your vehicle and make any repairs that may be needed before they become more serious. It is essential that parts of your vehicle are free from corrosion.

Your mechanics will conduct a general inspection during your next MOT check. This helps to identify any potential problems with safety features such as seats, chassis mounting points or engine mounts. If left unchecked, these can become damaged by rusting over the years.

Our clever Check MOT system will tell you when your MOT is due. All you need is your vehicle's registration number. It will also inform you when and how much the next service is due, according to the manufacturer's schedule.

After purchase, the report will be delivered digitally.

These details will be confirmed by your Car MOT Check:

1. Vehicle Description - Using VRM (Vehicle Registration Mark), your Car History Check will confirm that the vehicle is registered with the DVLA. This will show the year of manufacture as well as the date of the vehicle's first registration in the UK. You will also be informed about the number of registered keepers and the date of the last keeper change.

2. Vehicle Title - By using the Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM), your Car History Check will determine if this vehicle is:

  • Outstanding finance
  • A current police interest
  • Awarded a VIC or registered as an insurance writer

If the vehicle has had one or more registration plates changed, you will be informed of each prior registration plate and the date that it was applied to your vehicle. Every previous plate will be checked to see if there are any title rights.

The names and information regarding the previous or current owners of a vehicle are not provided by Your Car MOT Check.

The information in your Car MOT Check won't include details about every vehicle involved in an accident. Only accidents that have been reported by an insurance company are considered to be write-offs.

The details of the vehicle's service history will not be provided by your Car MOT Check. Your Car MOT Check won't assess the mechanical condition of a vehicle. You can request an independent inspection by organizations such as or the AA.

Your Car MOT Check won't give any information if the vehicle is stolen or recovered, unless there are outstanding interest or the vehicle was written off by the insurer as a total loss.

The information in your Car MOT Check is derived from many data sources. These include the DVLA and Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders, (SMMT), The Police, The Association of British Insurers and many finance companies.

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