DVLA Vehicle Check

Tips to buy a roadworthy used car

Do you want to purchase a used car? Although you can save money by buying used cars, there are huge risks involved as nobody knows the owner or whereabouts of these cars. These cars come with serious risks so be cautious. It is not a wise decision to purchase a vehicle that has been illegally altered, stolen or damaged. It is important to ensure that your car will be reliable and not suffer from breakdowns during a trip.

The DVLA is able to help you inspect the vehicles if you don’t have any previous experience with buying and checking second-hand cars. You must complete the DVLA vehicle inspection if you wish to buy roadworthy used cars. This can save you time and money.

You can check the vehicle of the DVLA to get more information:

  • The vehicle’s manufacture year
  • The vehicle’s weight
  • Vehicle tax check
  • The engine’s size
  • Fuel type
  • Status of import
  • Weight
  • First registration date
  • Information about the vehicle’s tax
  • Status SORN

Review the history of your vehicle

The most important thing to do is check the history of your vehicle. A simple DVLA vehicle check should be done. This will reduce the chance of you investing in illegally-sold cars or vehicles that have had major repairs. You can also see if the current owner owes any money on the car. You can avoid falling for fraud and buying a car that is unsafe.

Check the car details: Ask the seller for the following information:

  • Model & make
  • Mileage
  • Number of MOT Test
  • Number of registration (as shown on the car’s number plates)

A free DVLA vehicle check can help you determine what the seller is selling. The seller should be able to match the details exactly with the DVLA records. If the details are not correct, ask for clarifications from the seller. If you feel that the seller has provided false information about the vehicle, you can simply refuse to purchase it.

Private history check: Also known as “data check”, it is vital to provide peace of mind when purchasing a vehicle. This report will provide valuable information about serious issues that the car has experienced. These details will be provided in this report:

  • Correct mileage for the car
  • Report the vehicle as stolen
  • Have you been in serious accidents with your car?
  • If the car seller owes money

To ensure road worthiness, all vehicles must have a current MOT test. Cars older than three years are required to have an annual MOT test. You can get free DVLA vehicle checks and accurate reports. If there are any gaps in the MOT report, you can ask the seller. If you discover anything suspicious in the MOT history, it is best to not accept the deal. If the vehicle is not used for a prolonged period of time, and SORN is registered, then MOT is not required.

Trust only reputable portals such as DVLA for vehicle checks. This will guarantee you receive accurate reports about your vehicle’s history and track record.

Other parameters

The year of manufacture

Each car model is made within a particular year. Accordingly, the price of the car will be determined. To determine the price of the car, you should verify its manufacturing year. The DVLA Check can help you determine the year it was manufactured. This is essential for your satisfaction.

Vehicle tax check

Each vehicle is subject to a tax which the owner must pay to the government. Many car owners don’t pay taxes, but they use their cars as much as possible. They then sell their cars and the new owner must pay all taxes.

This is a serious problem and requires immediate solutions. A DVLA check is the best way to address this problem. Within minutes, you can obtain all tax details for the vehicle.

The engine’s size

The engine is the heart of your car. You will be very disappointed if the engine has problems. Every engine reaches its end of life. After that point, the engine must be replaced with a new one. The price of a car drops dramatically when a genuine engine is removed. These details are often not disclosed by car sellers.

It is important to measure the engine to ensure that the car we are buying is the exact same as the one we have in mind. Many cars have the engines of older and used cars. This is done to save money. The DVLA will perform a complete inspection to determine the size of your engine and if it is in danger.

Status of import

Many cars are made in one country and shipped to another. The UK imports cars from different countries. These cars can be altered in many ways and the duty on them is often not paid by the original purchaser.

This is something you need to be aware of as it will mean that your vehicle can no longer be driven on the roads without paying a substantial custom-duty fee.


Before purchasing any vehicle, it is important to verify its weight. The importance of the vehicle’s weight is magnified if you are looking to purchase a second-hand vehicle. Before a car leaves the company’s premises, it is weighed. The car’s weight tells you everything about it. A car’s weight can fluctuate, which means that it needs to be replaced or changed. This indicates that the car is having problems and you should be aware of it.

CO2 emissions

The human body is at risk from CO2. It is a greenhouse gases that causes the greenhouse effect. This means that CO2 traps heat when it is released into the atmosphere. Because heat is trapped, it cannot escape Earth’s atmosphere and this can increase Earth’s temperature. You should be concerned about CO2 emissions if you are an environmentalist. The DVLA has detailed information on carbon emissions.

Fuel type

Different types of fuels are used to power cars. Before you buy a car, it is your responsibility to verify the type of fuel that it will use. There are two types of engines: diesel and petroleum. The fuel that your vehicle requires will depend on the type of fuel it uses. A DVLA check can help you find the root cause of any fuel-related problems and prevent you from purchasing the car.

Status SORN

Through a DVLA check, you can verify your vehicle’s Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN). It is mandatory to verify the SORN status of any car you purchase for off-road purposes. SORN is valid for a lifetime. You can check SORN via DVLA check if purchasing any vehicle.


Your car is responsible for transporting you from one place to the next. It can also save your life in an unfortunate situation. It can save you so much trouble if you choose the right car. You also save a lot of money on car maintenance.

Before you buy any vehicle, it is important to have the DVLA inspect it. This will prevent you from purchasing an altered vehicle. You should also check the rest of your features to make sure everything is correct and that you are buying a genuine product.