Check My Reg

Check these top things before buying a used car

These expert tips will help you if you’re looking to buy a used car from someone you know or a dealer. Most people prefer to purchase used cars as they are less expensive than new ones. There are many things to consider when purchasing a car. There are many paperwork, insurance, registrations and transfers. With a click, you can easily access my reg website and find the information you need. It is easy to navigate through the complex process and negotiate a good deal.

Important things to consider before you complete the purchase

  • You must inspect the vehicle and all documents carefully. This is an important step you should not skip or ignore. An experienced mechanic will identify any problems with the vehicle. Also, check for any past taxes, insurance and registration payments. You can visit check your reg to get instant results. Higher NCB is preferred in the case of insurance. The car’s registration papers should match the chassis and engine numbers. To ensure that your brakes and filters are in good condition, you should check them. You should also inspect the condition of your tires. Check the surface for uneven alignment (feathering). You should also look for damage signs like rust or a dent under your hood. This will indicate a damaged or poorly maintained vehicle.
  • RC (Registration Certificate) Transfer to Your Name: Find out who the car was registered in. You can instantly find the details by entering the registration number at portals such as checkmy reg. It’s easy to do from anywhere with your smartphone or laptop. The next step after transferring RC to your account is to transfer your vehicle’s insurance policy. You must ensure that there are no pending loans on the vehicle you intend to purchase. If the vehicle was purchased on finance by the previous owner, make sure you get the original invoice. Also, get a NOC (No Objection Certificate), from the finance company.
  • Before you take the vehicle out for a drive, clean and fix it thoroughly. You can steam clean the car by cleaning it with soapy water. It will prolong the car’s life expectancy by changing its oil and fluid. Perform quick fixes like spark plugs, lights, etc.

You can trust Check my reg for accurate information about the used car you are looking to buy.