Check My MOT

Owning a car is a matter of pride. You can save money and have a great vehicle to transport you. You will need to make sure you only visit trusted portals that offer check my mot. If you are looking to purchase a second-hand vehicle from the owner, this is essential. You can make sure you are making safe investments and avoid any legal problems later.

Tips to help you make an informed purchase

To check the vehicle’s past, you can log on to any trusted site or the U.K. government’s official website. But, before you check your mot, you should get the vehicle’s model, make, and MOT test number from the seller.

  • Check the MOT history of your car before you buy. It must match the given details. You will need to know the registration number in advance. This number allows you to identify:
    • Last mileage tested
    • If the vehicle has failed/passed any previous tests
    • Next MOT due
    • What parts failed to pass each test, including parts with minor problems?
    • Origin of each test
  • Information from the DVLA: You can find the following information by using your registration number:
    • The expiry date for MOT
    • Expiry Date for Current Tax
    • Status SORN
    • Initial registration date
    • Size of the engine
    • Color
    • Current tax rate
    • CO2 emissions
    • Year of manufacturing
  • Safety: Make sure to check if there have been any recalls of the vehicle. These recalls can indicate serious safety problems. The manufacturer can fix these issues  at no cost to owners. To determine if recalls have been made on the vehicle, accessory, or part, you should thoroughly check.
  • It is not stolen: If the car is stolen, even after you purchase it, it does not automatically become your rightful owner. Instead, you risk losing your investment and the vehicle if it is recovered by the police. You can avoid such unwelcome situations by performing basic checks on your vehicle.
    • Request for a ‘logbook’, also known as V5C registration certificates. It must have a valid ‘DVL watermark. It should not have a serial number of B12305501-B12800000, BG8229501-BG9999030. It is possible that the vehicle may be stolen if it has any of these numbers.
    • Match the owner’s details to the logbook.
    • Verify engine number and VIN (vehicle ID number). Logbook details must be matched. The VIN number can be found on the driver’s side door jamb, near the bottom of the windscreen, or inside the engine compartment. Paid services may be available to check your insurance and Police National Computer databases in case of theft.
  • A vehicle that is not written off will not be considered safe. It could have several issues underneath that will only add to the cost of your vehicle. It is not recommended to drive vehicles marked as Category A or B. offers the check my mot option to ensure you have peace of mind when purchasing a used car.