Check MOT Status

Check mot status is the first step in buying a used vehicle. This will allow you to get the essential information that you need in order to purchase your dream car without any hassle.

More information about MOT

This annual test determines if the vehicle can be driven. The test checks that the vehicle meets the basic safety standards set forth by the UK. There are many types of vehicle that go through the test. There are different categories for cars, motorbikes, goods and large passenger vehicles.

MOT due date

The first three years of MOT are exempt after a car is purchased from a showroom. They will be subject to annual testing up until the age of 40 after they have completed the third year. After this time, they are no longer required to have an MOT. However, owners can opt to have their vehicle tested.

The first MOT will be due three years after initial registration. The one-year validity of the pass certificate issued after passing the test is not affected.

The car is eligible to be tested before the current MOT expires. The test is usually for one month. However, the car must pass it before the expiry of the current MOT. If the MOT expires 15 May, 16 April may be the earliest date to renew the MOT. If the vehicle is submitted to MOT on 14 April, then the expiry date will be 13 April. Even if the vehicle fails to pass the test, the old certificate will still be valid. It will not be allowed to be used on the roads.

How do I check mot status?

You will receive a certificate of completion after each test. It will also have an expiry date. It doesn’t matter if the certificate is lost or stolen. The DVSA website can help you check your current MOT status. You can also view your safety recall history as well as details about your MOT.

Cost of MOT

The maximum MOT price for Class 4 vehicles is around PS54.85. This is in compliance with the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency’s (DVSA) rules. However, it is possible to find garages and dealers that may offer discounts to lure customers by doing some research.

It takes time to complete the MOT

The MOT test is not time-bound. Industry experts claim the MOT test takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

Is it possible to pass the MOT test?

No! This test can only be performed by a certified MOT tester who is employed at an approved MOT testing station. He must have received proper training. The displayed MOT symbol can be used to identify the test center. This symbol has three triangles of white color that intersect on a blue background. You can also find many test centers that display the qualifications of their MOT technicians.

However, you can visit any government site to check mot status and obtain accurate results.