Check MOT allows you to find details about your vehicle using its UK Registration Number. These details have been made public:

  • Basic Model Information (Make/Model, Colour, and Engine Size)
  • MOT Records (including results and details)
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

We currently offer three packages.

  • Initial Check (Free)
  • Standard Check
  • Deluxe Check

You can view a complete comparison of each check on the pricing page. Below is a summary.

Initial Check

The initial check is completely free and provides useful information like Tax, MOT, and vehicle data. Our home page allows you to try out our free check.

Deluxe Check

If you’re thinking of buying a used car, the premium deluxe check is a good option. It includes more useful information than the free check. Some of these data include:
Stolen check. Finance check. Scrapped check. Written-off check. Import/Export check. Mileage check. Colour change check. Reg plate change check.

Standard Check

The standard check is available to anyone who needs all the same data as the deluxe check but without any outstanding finance checks or vehicle valuation data.

The standard test still includes:

Stolen, scrapped, written off, Import/Export, Mileage, Colour change, Regplate change check, and many more.

The standard test doesn’t include:

Finance check, vehicle valuation data, PS30,000 Data Guarantee.